Making eggs a go-to in your kitchen makes good financial sense, and that’s the bottom line.

Off the menu, eggs are an affordable and high-margin protein that offer an alternative to traditional proteins at a fraction of the cost to you. Canada’s world-class supply chain ensures you’ll always have access to high-quality, local eggs from more than 1000 family egg farms.

On the menu, eggs attract customers as a valuable and delicious healthy food. You can dress them up as part of a premium entrée on any menu or use them to convert classic dishes to vegetarian, kosher, or halal by swapping meat for eggs.

Check below for a taste-test of ways eggs can build value and minimize costs.

Chickpea Stew with Poached Egg

Wasted food is wasted money, and it’s bad for the environment. Overlooked edibles you’d usually compost or discard could be the basis for your next dish.

Take those beet greens and kale stems leftover from salad prep and incorporate them into a healthy, hearty Persian-style stew. Loaded with good-for-you ingredients, including chickpeas, turmeric, lemon, greens, and plenty of fresh herbs, this medley of flavours is homey and comforting, tapping into the “Comfort Me” trend. The crowning glory is a perfect poached egg perched on top, bringing flavour, visual appeal, and a protein boost — a premium add-on at minimal cost to you.

There’s never been a better time to look for ways to maximize your profits or to share your green story with your customers.

Mexican Chorizo and Egg Wraps

Here’s how you take a dish consumers think they know and give it a fresh look and taste.

Trendy Mexican bites called antojitos — meaning “little cravings” — are a street food take on wraps. Stuffed with spicy chorizo sausage meat and cheese, and seasoned with chili flakes and cilantro, every bite bursts with flavour. Handheld menu items like this fill the gap left by our favourite food trucks in their COVID-induced absence — we call it “Taking it to the Streets.” Mixing in scrambled eggs, a fast, inexpensive addition, makes this a perfect on-the-go option for anytime of the day and reduces the amount of pricier meat needed to fill your wrap.

A fast and fun dish like this works equally well for take-out and delivery or, when we can welcome them back for good, at hip downtown food trucks.