With their increased focus on health and socializing over food, consumers have new reasons to dine out, and they expect more from what they eat. If you can anticipate these needs, even in today’s cautious economic climate, you can stay in the black, especially when you have low-cost, high-margin eggs on your menu.

Don’t miss these profit-boosting trends and menu ideas to help you cash in with eggs.

PROTEIN ON A BUDGET: Roasted Vegetable Grain Bowl with Jammy Egg

Consumers are increasingly looking to their food to support their overall well-being, everything from gut health to mental health. With costs for traditional proteins on the rise, though, they’re looking for alternatives that deliver on flavour and value. That’s where eggs come in. Take a trendy Roasted Vegetable Grain Bowl, and pair the protein power of chickpeas with a luscious, protein-filled Jammy Egg. It looks premium, scores high for nutrition, and boosts your margin all at the same time.

BRUNCH: THE SENSIBLE, SOCIABLE SPLURGE: Eggs Benny with Twice-Cooked Fries

Going out for dinner and drinks with friends has become financially difficult for many Canadians. With budgets squeezed, more people opt for brunch as an indulgence with a sense of occasion but a more palatable bill. A reimagined classic, like Eggs Benny with Twice-Cooked Fries, is equally appetizing at 10 am as it is 2 pm — that’s right; brunch is when you say it is! You can’t beat the ROI on eggs, and brunch specials can help you put yesterday’s unused food on today’s plates. Give the people what they want, when they want it, and you’ve got the ultimate recipe for a healthy bottom line.