3/4 of Canadians are interested in eggs for meals other than breakfast

Eggs are the perfect tool for your business, offering unparalleled versatility. With their many uses, they can help capture new markets, premiumize menu favourites, and ride the waves of flavour and lifestyle trends. Looking to add a new daypart and expand your reach? Eggs are ready to propel your new breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner menu. Here are two recipe inspirations that showcase the incredible “can-do” attributes of Canadian eggs.


In an era where travel and social media have made the world smaller, Canada's growing ethnic and cultural diversity is mirrored in its appetite for international and fusion cuisines. Eggs, versatile and universally beloved, bridge culinary worlds, making a dish feel both exotic and familiar. Building a roster of international dishes is easy with eggs. Take the Japanese Tamago Sando, for example. On the surface, it looks like a classic egg salad sandwich. What’s the secret? Kewpie mayo, Japanese milk bread, and a light seasoning of salt, pepper, and sugar. Eggs shine this uncomplicated yet sophisticated recipe.

ANY TIME IS A GOOD TIME FOR EGGS: Mediterranean Omelette

Eggs are adaptable in any kitchen, adjusting to suit a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences, making them a versatile protein. They work with any sauce or seasoning, can be the centre of the plate or a mix-in. A prime example is an omelette; what can’t you put inside? Consider a Mediterranean Omelette (which can be made keto, vegetarian, gluten-free, halal and more) featuring pea sprouts, grape tomatoes, and crumbled feta has appeal on so many levels—and at so many times of day! Infinitely adaptable: go spicy with chorizo, savoury with mushrooms and leeks, or fusion with jalapeño and cilantro.