There’s a reason eggs are one of the first things most of us learn to cook — they’re incredibly simple! And we keep cooking them throughout our lives because they’re delicious and wholesome. So, when your customers look to you for specialty items to make their complex lives more manageable and much tastier, look no further than easy, reliable eggs to save the day.

Look below to see how eggs can turn simple menu items into something special to meet your customers’ needs.


As COVID gradually released its grip on our lives, some of the first line-ups to reappear in foodservice were for the morning coffee. But, it takes more than a cup of joe to power you through a day, and, if anything, our schedules are even more hectic than before as people learn to balance hybrid working. What does it all mean? It means not every eating occasion is a meal. Make-in-advance, grab-and-go snacks, like a Vegetarian Egg Muffin, can provide more than empty calories and offer busy customers convenience and nutrition.

EATING FOR VALUE: Chili-crisp Fried Egg Waffle Sandwich

The economy is on everyone’s mind, whether you’re running a business or just trying to balance your household budget. And while no one wants to give up dining out, inflation-wary consumers are looking for added value on the menu. Lunch is a great place to start, where getting creative with comfort food can score you an easy win. For example, swap the chicken for delicious sunny-side-up eggs, cash in on the spicy craze, and offer a Chili-crisp Fried Egg Waffle Sandwich. Pass the savings on protein costs to your customers to win some loyalty — that and the incredible taste will keep them coming back.