9 in 10 Canadians prefer food sourced from local farmers

There’s a reason eggs are one of the first things most of us learn to cook — they’re incredibly simple! So, when your customers tell you they want locally sourced food, look to highlight the Egg Quality Assurance™ symbol. EQA® is an easy to identify quality mark that signifies the eggs on your menu are sustainably produced by Canadian farmers dedicated to delivering a top-quality product meeting world-class food safety and animal care standards. It’s a simple way to show your customers you are making a difference.

Look below to see how eggs can take simple menu items someplace special and meet your customers’ needs.


With consumers’ busy schedules, there are more occasions when snacks have to substitute for meals. If you can offer your customers a protein-packed, tasty, and portable alternative to the usual pastries and bars, you’d be doing them—and yourself—a huge favour. Options like the Vegetarian Egg Muffins, are easy to prepare in advance and cater to health-conscious consumers’ who are also seeking convenience.

DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL—IMPROVE IT: Chili-crisp Fried Egg Waffle Sandwich

Your customers come to you because they love what you offer. It’s still vital to try new things, but without taking away from what you do best. You can do that by simply adding eggs to a favourite item or building a whole “new dish” out of tried and true menu items. For example, a Chili-crisp Fried Egg Waffle Sandwich cashes in on the sweet-and-spicy craze while putting a new look on a comfort classic. Look at your menu with fresh eyes, consider what your customers ask for time and again, and think about how eggs can take it to the next level.