Out of the Frying Pan...

Here’s the good news: Canadian consumers want to continue dining out and ordering in as we emerge from the pandemic. Yet, consumers are feeling the heat of financial uncertainty. So, they’re economizing and stretching their food budgets, including looking for more affordable foodservice options. Want to position your business for a piece of that quiche?

Eggs are the answer.

Our 2023 Foodservice Trend Report focuses on seven vital consumer food trends. We’ve made it available as a free download you can use to bolster your foodservice business in the year — and years — ahead. Inside, you’ll find actionable insights into consumer behaviour and how eggs, with their key attributes of Versatility, Profitability, and Simplicity, can play an integral part in your ongoing success.

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Eggs can help keep your business sunny-side up. Here’s how:


You’d have a hard time naming a food trend, lifestyle, or culture that eggs can’t fit in. From keto diets to eco-friendly eating to international flavours, there’s a place for eggs on every menu.

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Consumers and foodservice businesses face challenging economic times. But they still want to eat great food, and you still want to serve great food. Keep costs down, reduce prep time, and add real and implied value to your menu with eggs. What other ingredient can be premium and budget-friendly at the same time? Learn what the words “put an egg on it” could mean for your business.

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No one wants to go to work and reinvent the wheel every day. Let eggs help you turn comfort classics into exciting new menu options, revolutionize snacking, and easily add nutrition and value to your customers’ lives.

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