Eggs—with their travel-ready attributes of Versatility, Profitability, and Simplicity—will keep your foodservice business forging ahead. Whether your destination is increased cost efficiencies, a refreshed menu, or an all-new daypart, eggs will get you there with ease. Download our free Consumer Insights for Canadian Foodservice to learn why eggs are more relevant today than ever before and how they’ll always steer you in the right direction. Download our free Foodservice postcard.


Eggs can help keep your business sunny-side up. Here’s how:


Adding eggs to your menu and your skill set is like holding an open ticket—you’re ready to go anywhere, at any time. From premium upgrades to international flavours to on-the-go protein, eggs can take you anywhere.

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Serving great food is your love, but it’s also your livelihood. When it comes to bringing wider margins and reduced costs, nothing packs it all in quite like eggs. In addition to favourite egg dishes, consider eggs as an option for an add-on protein for sandwiches, salads, and bowls on your menu.

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Working with eggs is easy. Streamline your back of house and add extra appeal to popular dishes while giving your customers what they crave. Use eggs to create higher-quality snacks and comfort classics, and add nutritional value to your dishes.

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