Eggs are the answer

We’re here to inspire and encourage your restaurant recovery plan, and show you how eggs and key purchase-driving food trends can play a vital role in your culinary comeback.

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Eggs deliver everything you need to help turn a tough situation sunny side up. Here’s how:


Eggs are eaten around the world - in every cuisine, daypart, and occasion. From khachapuri to Scotch eggs to huevos rancheros, eggs are an exciting, globe-trotting protein. No matter your specialty, eggs will fit seamlessly into your menu.

Take a trip with us to see how!

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We know your margins are omelette-thin at the best of times. What you need now is an economical, staple protein that consumers love. From Early Bird Specials to sophisticated entrées, eggs add value anywhere you use them.

Let us share the golden touch of eggs with you.

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The need for physical separation may throw a wrench into your well-oiled machine. Eggs are easy to prepare with minimal contact, space, and equipment by kitchen staff of any skill level. Adding eggs to your menu will streamline your process.

Come sample some simple solutions.

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